1. Schedule a Free Opportunity Call

Would you like to have more money in your life? And would you like to have more freedom in your life?

Then please reach out to one of our team members to schedule a personal opportunity call to discover what we can offer you.

If you prefer a regular webinar, then please plug in to the webinars of our UK alliance partner Trader’s United (see below).

Traders United & IM Freedom | UK Alliance Partners

The introduction webinars hosted by our alliance partners Traders United & IM Freedom are from Monday until Saturday, every day at 1 pm and 9 pm (Central European Time).

Abdullah Sandhu
Chairman 50 Leader
Nad Ahmed
Platinum Leader
Rupa Parmar
Chairman 25 Leader
Rajpal Sahib
Platinum Leader
Vinay Parmar
Chairman 25 Leader
Nimmi Randhawa
Platinum Leader
Nina Sandhu
Chairman 10 Leader
Jay Smith
Platinum Leader

Please note the times on the flyer are stated in GMT time

2. Watch a live recording

Like to have the forex/IM Mastery Academy introduction experience right away? Then watch the recording below.

This introduction to forex & IM Mastery Academy presentation is given by Nina Sandhu, Chairman 10 Leader from the UK.

3. Attend live events

Hosting several live events per month in The Netherlands and United Kingdom, Celebrate Forex offers in collaboration with Traders United and IM Freedom a variety of opportunities to engage.

Besides, IM Mastery Academy organizes three times per year the IM Convention in the United States and Europe. At this events, the top leaders and educators of the organization come together to inspire, educate, engage, empower and enrich.

Next upcoming virtual event: Impact Arena | Academy Island, November 6-8th