1. The Road to Financial Freedom

Would you like to have more money in your life? And would you like to have more freedom in your life?

The answer to these questions is probably YES. Of course, most people dream of basically, living the magical life of their dreams. But in order to have a lot of money, you have to work hard, right?

”85% of the people don’t feel happy or fulfilled at their jobs.”

2017 Gallup Poll

They don’t look forward waking up, knowing that when they wake up, they have to go to work again. Every single day. Again and again.

”If you have no vision of yourself in the future, then you have nothing to live for.”

Les Brown

On our way to financial freedom, we came to know many things are actually different from the things we learned at school, from our parents, our family and friends.

Most of the times, we heard from the people around us, that we have to work hard to earn a lot of money and succeed in life. Work hard, play hard, have you heard the phrase before?

What are some of the challenges you face today? And did you ever feel, like you were meant for something more?

We actually like to say something else, namely:

Work Smart, Play Hard.

And maybe even better: Work Smarter, Play Harder. How does that sound? Quite strange right? Even a bit unrealistic, maybe?

In the old days, going to school, study hard, find a good job and get a good salary was basically the key. That what our parents told us usually.

However, if we study successful people like Warren Buffet, Richard Branson and Jeff Bezos. It’s quite obvious they own a certain knowledge or skillset causing them to be so successful.

And if we knew how to become a millionaire or even a billionaire, we already would have been there, right? Yes or no?

”If you don’t find a way to earn money while you sleep, you will work until you die.”

Warren Buffet

This means, that making money can be learned. People like Warren Buffet mastered certain skillsets to become wealthy. They actually like to call it financial intelligence. But by definition, skillsets can be learned. Yes or no?

We from Celebrate Forex, like to share with you one of the most beautiful, attractive and easy vehicles to this type of (financial) success. But before we dive deeper into what we exactly do, we would like to explain some more details.

”Life is more meaningful when you are always looking to grow and working toward a goal.”

Les Brown

Because what’s the reason that you’re still reading this. What’s actually one of the most important things in life? Of course, everybody likes to be happy and fulfilled. But what do we need also in life?

Think of the time you were a baby and used to crawl over the floor. At some point, you decided you wanted to walk. So you started trying, felt many times. But you never gave up, and ultimately you could walk! Your were free!

Go back to the time you were young and wanted to cycle. Could you cycle already the very first time? No! But remember how proud your parents were when you could? And how did you feel? Great, right!? Why? Because you were free!

When we learned to swim, that gave us the freedom to swim when and wherever we want. During our holidays, we can swim in lakes, in the sea and have some water fun. Do you start getting the point?

Last one: the moment you graduated for your driver license! The moment that you were able to drive anywhere you want, on your own. How did that feel? Quite free right? Well, we think we made the point clear by now, but one of the most important values in our lives as humans beings is actually


But how free are we actually? Do we have to work a 9 to 5 job? Do we have to pay for our mortgage? For our bills?

Did you know that 1 out of 5 families can’t buy a new fridge when the old one breaks down? Did you know that the average family in the USA doesn’t have more than $1000 in their bank account?

How free are we really? And what does freedom means to you?

For us, freedom means being able to do the things you want to do, whenever you want to do, wherever you want to do, with whoever you want to do.

The Cashflow Quadrant

Did you actually know that 95% of the people on this planet, only make 5% of the entire financial market?

And did you know, that just 5% of the people on this planet, make 95% of the financial market in this world?

Just think about that for a second. On which side would you like to be?

60% percent of the people on this planet are working for someone.
They have a job.
– Work Hard, Play Soft.

35% percent of the people are self-employed.
They own/create a job.
– Work Harder, Play Softer.

Only 4% of the people are business owners.
They have a system working for them, that brings in money while they sleep.
– Work Smart, Play Hard.

And only 1% of the people have the investor mindset.
The have their money working for them, it grows automatically.
– Work Smarter, Play Harder

Employees and self-employed people are changing their time for money. But they don’t make money while they sleep.

Business owners and investors us their money to generate more money. With that money, they can buy back their (future) time.

Just think about that for a while. Very easy to say that you should be on the side of the business owner or investor, right? But how?

Nowadays, it’s not super hard to become rich. Compared to the old days, the internet offers us endless opportunities.

In order to achieve financial freedom, we have to earn money passively. Basically, without even have to work for it. Once we automated a system, the system will bring in money for us. But how do we do that? And didn’t we speak before about growing our money automatically? Almost automagically.

”If you don’t build your dream, someone else will hire you to help build theirs.”

Tony Gaskins

The 5 Pillars of Financial Freedom

We like to state there are 5 basic pillars to establish financial freedom:

  1. Career
    When you personally are an skilled artist, expert, specialist or authority in a certain field, you can make pretty good money out of that.

  2. Business
    Having a system working for you, that brings in money while you sleep.

  3. Trading & Investing
    Letting your money work for you.

  4. Property
    Buy and rent out real estate.

  5. Internet
    Specialize in assets like affiliate marketing, dropshipping and private labeling.

However, none of above will work if you don’t have a fundament of well established mindset and psychology.

Assets vs. liabilities

Create more assets and less liabilities, is what smart people like to say. Assets put money in your pocket, liabilities take money from your pocket. A job is an asset, a business is an asset, a money making system is an asset. On the other hand, your house and car are primarily liablities. Your spouse? That depends ;).

“Too many of us are not living our dreams because we are living our fears. Too many of us never realize our full potential because our fears block us.”

Les Brown

At Celebrate Forex, we focus on the pillar of Trading & Investing.

Why? We’ll tell you in the next article.

2. What is Forex and Why?

We are passionate about forex, an abbreviation for Foreign Exchange. But you may ask now: what is this ‘thing’?

What many people don’t know, is they probably already participated in the forex market without even knowing it.

When you go on holiday to a country with another currency, you’re supposed to pay with the currency of that country once you’re in. In that case, you will need to change your home currency for the foreign currency.

For example, if we travel from Europe to the United States, we can change 100 euros to dollars at a money exchange office (a broker).

When arriving, you get $113 dollar for 100 euros (as the euro is stronger than the dollar). When we don’t spend this $113 during this holiday, and change it back to euros, the market rates have changed, and by changing our $113 to euros, we now get 105 euros back! Meaning we just made 5 euro profit because the market rates had changed in our favor. How hard was that?

In fact, we don’t have to travel to another country to exchange our money in order to make some profit. With the internet, we can easily exchange our money online through an app and online broker on our smartphone. That’s basically how forex works.

So when we buy or sell the one currency for another, we are trading in the forex market.

Trading vs. Investing

What we do, is trading on the foreign exchange. However, it’s not always clear to everyone what the difference is between trading and investing.

Actually, there’s quite a big difference between trading and investing.

When we are investing, we buy something against a low price, and expect the price to go up. As the price rises over time, we can make some nice profits.

However, if the market drops, we will lose the profits we gained. In case of a market crash, we can easily lose all the returns we made in several years in a short amount of time. People who are doing property or real estate, are usually investors.

In other words, with investing you can only make money when the price goes up.

When we are trading, we’re buying and selling as markets rates fluctuate by going up and down. With trading we can make money when the price goes up, but also when the price goes down. We can make money either way.

In other words, trading is recession proof.

Besides the fact trading is recession proof, there are multiple other benefits of trading:

Benefits of trading

  1. Everybody can learn it.
    It doesn’t matter how old you are. It doesn’t matter what education you have or from what background you’re coming. Inside our international network, we even have an 8-year old and 92-year old who are consistently making money.

  2. You only need a smartphone and internet
    You need very little things to begin. For trading, a smartphone and a stable internet connection is enough. It’s just as simple as that.

    Meanwhile, use your laptop, computer or tablet for study purposes, in order to become a next level forex trader.

  3. It can be done from anywhere in the world
    You can trade forex whenever and wherever you want. Even during work and on holiday. If you like, maybe even at the beach. Anytime of the day, you’re able to trade the forex market while you’re on the go.

  4. Small investment
    It’s a relative small investment to get started in the forex market. Most of us already have a smartphone and internet. Second, a laptop, computer or tablet would be easy.

    Third, you need some starting capital. You can start trading with as little as €50 euro as your initial deposit. We recommend to start with €100 in the market. Once you’re confident, you could top it up to €500 or €1000 so you’re able to trade with a larger account, and grow your money faster.

  5. No boss, staff or customers needed
    When you trade forex, you don’t need a boss, you don’t need any staff and you even don’t need any customers. How does that sound? Don’t take that wrong, as we love people, but in this case we mean that you create your own market. So, we are not dependent on others. The only one who’s needed is you.

  6. The more competition the better
    In forex we embrace competition. As we’re participators in a market with a daily turnover of more than 6,6 trillion dollar, there’s plenty enough money for everyone. In fact, the more people in the market, they bigger the market becomes.

  7. No products or stock holding
    Besides your devices, you don’t have to own any physical products or need a warehouse to store your products. Something that saves you a lot of time, effort, money and headaches.

  8. High profit margin
    As you need very little things to begin with, forex gives you a very high profit margin. Broker costs and commissions are minimal, so you get almost the whole slice of the pie.

  9. You are in control
    You decide if you want to trade or not. You decide were you enter the market, and were you exit the market. Nobody is pushing you to do things. You are the one who is pushing the buttons in the game.

  10. Let money working for you
    Rather than you physically working and changing your time for your money, you really let your money working for you so you can buy back your time. Basically you only have to click a few buttons on your smartphone and you see your money flowing and growing.

  11. The better you get, the more money you make
    The more you practice, the more experience you gain, the better you get… and the more money you make. It’s as simple as that.

  12. Very little taxes
    One of the most beautiful things of the forex market, is that the profits you make, apply to very little tax rates. For example, in The Netherlands the system works like this:

    a) If you earn up to €30.000,- with forex, you pay 0% taxes
    b) If you are a tax partner, you pay 0% taxes up to €60.000,-
    c) If you earn more than the number mentioned above, you pay:

0,21% taxes

Isn’t that crazy? The good to be true, right? Well, we can assure you: it is real.

So, now you know you should be in trading. But why exactly forex trading?

When we talk about investing, there are several markets we can invest in. For example:

  1. Property/real estate
  2. Stock market
  3. Forex market

As mentioned before, we like to choose trading over investing, as we can make money both ways. When doing property, we generally can’t trade that very easily. Therefore it’s called property investing, not property trading.

That brings us down to the stock market and the forex market.

Now, why should you be on the forex market, and not on the stock market?

Just have a look at this table first.

Stock MarketForex Market
8000+ stocks7 major pairs
1:50 leverage1:500 leverage
VolatilityHigh volatility
Open during office hoursOpen 24/5

Now let us break it down for you:

  1. The forex market is way bigger than the stock market
    The stock market has a daily turnover of $47 billion (9 zeros) a day, while the forex market has a daily revenue of $6,6 trillion (12 zeros) a day. It’s like a goldfish compared to a whale.

    Now, just to clarify:

    1 million seconds = 12 days
    1 billion seconds = 32 years
    1 trillion seconds = 32.000 years

    Do you start seeing the difference between $47 billion and $6,6 trillion?

    Actually, let us write down another number.


So, that $1,6 trillion. Any idea what this number resembles?

It actually resembles the number of outstanding U.S. student loans. Isn’t it crazy that we put ourself in debt to go studying? Then after graduation it can be hard to find a job, and once having a job, we’re working hard to pay off our debt again? Is that freedom?

With forex, we actually earn while we learn. Has learning ever been so wonderful?

Let us get back to point number 2 now, why you should favor the forex market over the stock market:

2) The forex market offers way more overview
On the stock market, you can pick from more than 8000 stocks. While on the forex market, you only have 7 major currency pairs (pairs with the US dollar in it).

It’s like going to an ice cream store where you have to pick over 8000 different flavors! Takes at a lot of time and you lose overview. The forex market is way more clear.

Besides, did you know that you can also trade stocks through the forex market? You can even trade indices like the Dow Jones (US Wall Street 30), Nasdaq (tech stock exchange) and S&P 500 (stock market index regarding the 500 largest companies of the US).

And if you like to, you can also trade commodities (i.e. oil and gas), metals (i.e. gold and silver), and crypto (i.e. Bitcoin and Ripple). So, don’t fear there’s not enough to trade on the forex market!

3) Big leverage on the forex market
Have you ever heard of leverage? Simple said, for every euro you put in, your broker will multiply that with a certain factor. In this way, you’ll be able to trade larger volumes and gain more. In forex, you can get easily a leverage of 1:500. Meaning that for every euro you put in, your broker wil leverage this to a trading position of €500.

In the stock market, you leverage is at most 1:50. So for every euro you put in, your broker will leverage that to a trading position of maximum €50. Quite a difference, right?

4) The forex market is way more volatile
Meaning that we have a lot of movement on the forex market and thus many opportunities to capitalize on. The forex market is very sensitive to the global economy and big news events. This will cause the market to move big and fast. And ultimately, if we anticipate in the right way, it can result in fast and big money.

5) The forex market is open 24/5
We, the so-called retail traders, can trade 24/5 on the forex market. That means that we have plenty of time to trade, and a lot of opportunities every day again. Don’t be afraid to miss out on a trade, because the next big opportunity is always nearby.

The Pacific, Asian, European and American session continuously overlap each other in the forex market, giving us 24/5 opportunities to trade.

Compared to the forex market, we can only trade a stock when the stock exchange on which it is listed, is open. So for example, when we have a stock of Tesla, we can only trade it during the opening hours of the Nasdaq.

So, how do I make money from forex?

Normally, when we talk to people about money, we use to say ”Hey man, how much money did you make?”.

In forex, we would like to say ”Hey man, how many pips did you catch?”

When we measure the volume of water in our glass, we measure the amount in milliliters. In forex, those milliliters are called pips, or points in percentage.

To explain this further, we will first talk about a currency pair. For example, the:

EUR/USD 1 : 1.11187

The euro is the base currency, while the dollar is the terms currency. The base currency is always equal to 1, the terms or quote currency is the current market rate.

Now, let us break down the market rate for you:

  1. The number before the comma, and the first 2 decimals after the comma, represent the base currency
  2. The 3rd and 4th decimal, represent the pips
  3. The 5th decimal represents the pipette

The pipette is actually so small that it is insignificant compared to the pips. And by now we may come to the point, because every pip up or down is worth a certain amount of value.

So now, let us change the market rate for educational purposes.

If there’s a change in market rate, for example:

We go from 1.11187 up to 1.11387

Then the difference is 20 points in percentage, or 20 pips. Every pip represents an amount of value.

This value depends on your trading volume, or your lot size. Let’s break this also down for you:

SizeTerminologyCurrency unitsValue
1Standard lot100.000€ 10
0,1Mini lot10.000€ 1
0,01Micro lot1000€ 0,10

So, if we had used a 1.0 standard lot, we would have made on 20 pips:

20 pips x €10 = €200

That’s easy money right?

In case of the other lots, we would have made:

Mini lot: 20 pips x €1 = €20
Micro lot: 20 pips x €0,10 = €2

The micro lot is the smallest lot you can trade with and represents 10 cents per pip.

Now, you may ask yourself the following question:

How difficult is it to catch pips?

Well, not so difficult! Especially when you have the right people, information, educators and tools around you who can guide you in this journey. Let us show you some previews:

In this case, you see a yellow figure on the left of the chart, we call that a harmonic pattern. At the right bottom of this figure you see point D. From point D to the top of the chart, we can measure an amount of 1772 pipettes, that’s 172 pips!

If you would have used a standard lot for this trade, you would have earned 172 pips x €10 = €1720. Not bad, right?

Let’s show you another example:

As you can see, this was a trade of 2015 pipettes or 201,5 pips… so that could have been another €2015 over there based on a standard lot!

Besides, it’s also possible to trade with any lot size greater than 0,01 lot. So you can attach each desired value to a pip. Some people trade with 0.02 lot, meaning 20 cents per pip. Soms people trade with 50.00 lot. Meaning €500 per pip. Which means that on a 20 pip move, you would have made €10.000,-!

”The best way to predict the future is to create it.”

Peter Drucker

So, have we aroused your interest?

In the next article we explain what we do at Celebrate Forex, and how you can become the next success story within our unique community.

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3. Join Our Community

We from Celebrate Forex are a international trading community with Dutch roots. Based in several places in such as Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, Utrecht, Eindhoven and even Ibiza, our ambition is to help as many people to their (financial) freedom as possible.

Why? Because in the end, our mission is to transform lives globally.

We are willing to do whatever it takes to guide you successful through your forex journey.

We create success stories.

Because without creating success stories, we would have no right to exist. We help people from a good place. We let our heart speak.

One of the fundamental keys of our success, is that we are proud members of the global IM Mastery Academy, which educates over 300.000 online students worldwide in forex and freedom.

This community is also considered as the Netflix, Harvard University Online or Champions League of trading.

Founded by CEO Christopher Terry, a forex veteran with over 30 years experience in the market. The vision of the IM Mastery Academy is to change a minimum of a billion lives. That’s why some people like to call IM the next billion dollar company.

So what do we do within our community?

We organize weekly videocalls through Zoom, and offer 24/7 team support through Discord. Furthermore, we organize events in Amsterdam and other cities in The Netherlands.

Education. Inspiration. Engagement. Interaction.

Through our accountability and follow up buddy system, we make sure nobody gets left behind.

We closely collaborate with the Traders United team from London, who are giving us full support and feature several 6 and 7 figure traders.

With our experience and network, we have all the needs you desire to become successful in forex trading. Our goal? Getting you to consistent profits of 2% per day.

2% per day might not seem like a lot…

But actually it’s really a lot! People who have a little more experience, know that 2% gain per day is really good. How we do that? Just by scoring a minimum of 20 pips per day.


Did you know that with good risk management, 1 pip is equal to 0,1% return?

That means that even if you score just 1 pip per year, you would have made 0,1% profit on your account. Do you realize that’s often already more than you would have gotten from your bank savings account?

However, we don’t aim for 1 pip per year. We aim for at least 1 pip per day. Actually, we like to aim for a minimum of 10 and even 20 pips per day.

1 pip = 0,1% return
10 pips = 1% return
20 pips = 2% return

In fact, did you know most forex traders aim for 30 – 70 pips per day minimum? That’s 3-7% daily return!

However, especially in the beginning we think that 20 pips per day, or 100 pips per week, is very realistically achievable.

Besides, we like to work with a minimum 1:3 risk to reward ratio.

Especially in the beginning, we don’t want to risk more than 2% per trade. If we also apply a 1:3 risk-reward, that would mean we risk 2%, in order to gain 6%.

That means, that even if you lose 7 out of 10 trades, you’ll still have 4% profit.

You may ask yourself how? Well, the sum is pretty easy:

If we lose 7 trades out of 10, we lose 2% each trade, or 7 x 2% = 14% in total
The other 3 trades give us a gain of 6% each, or 3 x 6% = 18% in total

Meaning we would still be 18% – 14% = 4% in profit, right?

That’s what we like to call: cut your losses short, and let your profits run.

Lucky enough, we don’t lose 7 out of 10 trades. Most of the times, we win minimum 7 out of 10 trades with the right environment, education, educators and tools.

So, logically said, there’s no way of losing money if you follow the rules.

Please understand us well, there’s not a single trader in this world that doesn’t lose a trade. Losing a trade is healthy, and makes you a better trader when you learn from it. In order to become a successful trader, you must be a good loser, and a great winner. Actually every successful trader in this world, has gone through some hard times at first. That’s why we are there for you: in good times, but also especially in bad times.

”Preserve Your Capital First.”

Warren Buffet

Warren Buffet says always protect your money first. That’s why we protect our trades with stop losses. As the word suggests, a stop loss stops our losses and takes us automatically out of the trade when it goes the wrong way. Again, that’s how we cut our losses short, and let our profits run.

Maybe this is the point you’re starting to get why mindset and psychology is so important in trading.

80% of trading is mindset, just 20% is skill.

We from Celebrate Forex already went through that journey. And also we had our f*ck ups. Now, we’re successful traders, and able to guide others through their journey thanks to our own experiences.

By the way, back to the 2% per day again. Do you actually realize how much that is per month, based on 5 trading days a week, 20 trading days per month?

2% per day is equal to the factor 1,02
If we do 1,02^20 days per month = 48,5%

In other words, if we make consistent daily profits of 2% per day, we gain a minimum of 48,5% per month!

The Power of Compounding

Have you ever heard of compounding? It’s actually super powerful.

You’ll be amazed by seeing the next graphic, because it shows you in a very clear way how you can turn €1000 into more than €110.000,- in less than 12 months with a return of 2% per day, or 48,5% per month.

”If you can’t do great things, do small things in a great way.”

Napoleon Hill

Maybe you like to calculate it for yourself? Go ahead, use our favorite tool:

If you would like to know when you’re a millionaire when applying this system, thats within 18 months ;). And as we said, when you cut your losses short, and let your profits run, you’ll end up with way more than 2% per day.

And even if you don’t make 2% per day, but just 1% per day, or maybe even less? You may end up with a little less than €110.000,-. But who cares? Would you still be happy with half of that amount? Guess so, right?

Long story short, the gains you can make in the forex market are just beyond amazing.

So, are you ready to set yourself and your family free?

Before we finalize, it’s maybe nice to know how we got involved into the world of forex.

Because, before we got involved in forex, we were asking ourselves if investing would be something for us at all…

As we were basically thinking, that investing might be not something for us:

It’s a far from my bed show…
I’m just not so interested and it seems complicated…
Investing is for other people, not for me…
I’m not smart enough, not good at business, economy or finances…

I’m busy, investing takes a lot of time…
You need al lot of money to start…

Investing is dangerous, you can lose all your money…
Investing is only for men…

It’s a scam!
It’s a pyramid scheme!
If it works that good, why isn’t everybody doing it?
I might do it someday…

Well, let us tell you this: we had the same issues. And all prejudices appeared not to be true. Why? Well, let’s recap this:

  1. It’s a far from my bed show…
    It might seem like it’s something for specialists. Well, remember the 8- and 92-year old within our community who are consistently making money?

  2. I’m just not so interested and it seems complicated…
    So are you basically saying you’re not interested in growing your money with at least 17.220% per year? And it’s actually quite easy to learn (while you earn). You also invested time and money in obtaining your driving license, right?

  3. Investing is for other people, not for me…
    Stop making excuses, unless you’re happy with where you are right now, and you like to stay over there. Then we won’t bother to convince you. But do you really? You’re about to learn a skillset for life that can make you millions, maybe even billions… and moreover, it’s not only about you, but also about your family and loved ones who you can set free by learning this skill.

  4. I’m not smart enough, not good at business, economy or finances… You don’t have to be, many successful traders started from below zero, some of them were homeless and had no education. The technical side of forex is not heard to learn, you can learn it in a few days if you’re dedicated.

  5. I’m busy, investing takes a lot of time…
    You can do forex in just 20 minutes a day, even in less than 20 minutes a week if you want to make your 2% per day. However, the more time you invest in your education and the better you get, the more money you’ll make.

  6. You need al lot of money to start…
    You can start with as little as $50. Remember we can profit from a 1:500 leverage in the forex market? That gives you the capacity to trade with a total value of $2500 with just $50. Not too bad, right?

  7. Investing is dangerous, you can lose all your money…
    Only if you don’t follow the rules. Remember what we told you about risking 2% per trade, with a 1:3 risk-reward ratio and high probability strategies where we aim for winning 7 out of 10 trades. There’s no way of losing your money when following the system!

  8. Investing is only for men…
    We actually have a lot of woman within our community who are very open minded and willing to learn, and they show great results!

  9. It’s all a scam!
    Well, the only thing we can say is that this ‘forex scam’ does work. More than 300.000 students are part of this community and are already financially free, or on their way to financial freedom.

    Three big events are held every year to empower people globally, having more than 8000 participants attending the last time. And if it didn’t work, why are there yet 300.000+ students learning and earning from our alliance of top educators?

    So… is forex and IM a scam or are you actually scamming yourself? Will you let this unique change pass by, to change your life within a beautiful community alongside world class top traders?

  10. It’s a pyramid scheme!
    First of all, what is actually the definition of a pyramid scheme? Pyramid or ponzi schemes are illegal… and why would we do something illegal?

    But yes, we do have a referral or affiliate program – like all the big companies such as Google, Airbnb and Uber also have. And we choose not to spend our money on expensive television and newspaper ads, but rather go for the word-of-mouth approach.

    Besides, if something works, and we see the value and success… wouldn’t it actually be a good thing to share this beautiful opportunity with other people, especially the ones we love? Or would you rather keep all the value and money for yourself and not change the lives of other people who might need it even more than you? If you keep it just for yourself… that’s actually quite egoistic. That’s the reason we’re here.

  11. If it works that good, why isn’t everybody doing it?
    Well, why are so many people overweight? Why don’t we all exercise more, eat healthy and sleep well?

    Because when you think about it: getting or being healthy and fit is actually not that hard right? So why is not everyone having a healthy weight?

    People know, but just don’t do it. It’s natural human behavior.

    Besides, most people never heard of forex before.

  12. I might do it someday…
    So what day would that be? Live can be over for us at any given moment. We just don’t know, look at Kobe Bryant… So why would we waste any time?

“It’s the one thing you can control. You are responsible for how people remember you—or don’t. So don’t take it lightly.”

Kobe Bryant

80% of us humans live inside our comfort zone.

It gives us safety and certainty. But how comfortably is that actually, living from paycheck to paycheck until your retirement?

They’re basically doing the same things over and over again; every day, every week, every month and every year. They barely stretch themselves and just stay were they are…

”Are the people around you holding you back or empowering you to move forward? If you life is going nowhere, take a look at the group of people you hang around with.”

Les Brown

And if you still don’t believe it, well then just stay where you are and continue what you’re doing.

We advise to rather put down that ego and open yourself up to something that will change your life, as long as you’re willing to learn.

Because meanwhile, we rather focus on creating success stories out of people who do believe and dare to step outside of their comfort zone.

Why does 95% of the world population just owns 5% of the money? And why do just 5% of the people own 95% of the money?

The rich think and act different from the masses. So we better stop listening to the masses, and start modeling how the rich think.

Only listen to people who already have what you want. Because they’re already there, where you wanna be.

But actually, if were honest, we only listen to the things we wanna hear…

Let us tell you this, did you actually know that the information you’re reading on this website… 90% of the people never heard of this before.

So, how do I get started then?

”You don’t have to be great to start, but you have to start to be great.”

Zig Ziglar

Well, we spent thousands of grants on expensive courses, where we just got to learn the very little basics and some strategies, before those courses tried to sell us another course for thousands of grants… our online basic forex academy covers it all and costs just a fraction of the price many others in this industry ask.

Besides, we have more than 150 full time world class traders who have joined forces the share their knowledge throughout a live mentorship alliance, where you get to earn while you learn from your favorite educators!

Now you may ask yourself: can I also learn forex for free?

The answer is yes. There’s many free content out on sites like Babypips, Youtube etcetera. However, did you know that 96% of the people in forex lose money? You know why? Partially because they learn the free stuff that’s out on the internet everywhere, but basically learn cheap trading like the masses. And if the masses lose their money, would it make sense to learn from the 4% that are successful and learn trading the right way?

But moreover, they lack the right environment and support to get them on the right track again when they’re about to fall off. They decide to quit, were the right guidance would have put them back on the way of success. That’s why the people around you are some important. That why we are here.

It is important to surround yourself with people who life you up, encourage you, share your vision and inspire you.

Les Brown

So, welcome to our community!

Within the IM Mastery Academy, you get to learn from the best of the best. Educators like Milly Millz, Matthew Thayer, Evan Cabral and Nes Vasquez teach High Frequency Forex (HFX), also known as binary options, which is the easiest and fastest way to make profits.

Traders like Mike Miles, Jordan Morgan, Zachary Johnson, Mike Navarette and Rok Kumer teach Smart Money Concepts, and learn you how to get sniper entries (and exits) in the market powered by their TradeHouse concept.

Learn from experts like Luc Longmire and Kimberley Torres from GoldCup, who have mastered gold, indices and GBP-pairs. Follow their live sessions, trade live with them, copy their setups and earn massive money while you’re working on your mindset.

Analyse the markets like John Dollery and Justin Saini from the Steady Strategy. Their way of trading allows you to live in freedom. With quality over quantity trades that allow you to make your 2% a day in a very relaxing way.

And of course, many many more…

”Formal education will make you a living. Self-education will make you a fortune.”

Jim Rohn

Why we love IM Mastery Academy.

The IM Mastery Academy is more than just a trading education platform. It’s a initiative of getting people to freedom, wanting to change the lives of over a billion people. A community that is formed by it’s more than 300.000 members. It’s the content, but maybe even more the context why we love IM so much. The people you’ll get to meet inside trading and especially inside of IM, are all people with a bigger vision.

”You are the reflection of the 5 people who you spend most time with.”

Jim Rohn

So, with wo would you like to spend your time with in order to grow in live? Of course, cherish you family and loved ones, but choose your peers wisely. They’ll either lift you up or put your down.

Live mentorship from world class traders.

Nowadays we get to trade live with 6, 7 and 8-figure traders, a world class alliance of more than 150 educators brought together by the IM Mastery Academy. All of them are already very successful in forex and now want to share their success with others. Can you imagine you jumping on their Go Live sessions, from a comfortable chair our couch. You can do it even from your bed while you’re still in you pyjamas.

Some of the 150+ educators that offer live mentorship regarding the forex advanced education within the IM Mastery Academy.

How much would you be willing to pay for live mentorship from a 7 or 8-figure trader who already has what you want? Well, the good news is this live mentorship is included in your IM Mastery Academy membership. You get to trade live with them, and can copy their trades and setups. In other words, learn while you earn from the world’s best.

Some of the GoldCup educators that offer live mentorship with an accuracy of 80-90%. Earn while you learn.

Join our community and start your journey to (financial) freedom.

Become part of the IM Mastery Academy through our link and become a member of the Celebrate Forex community. Once you’re subscribed to IM Mastery Academy, we’ll include you in our community for FREE.

So wait a second, how much is a subscription for the IM Mastery Academy then?

Well, very good question. It’s not free, but also not as expensive as the thousands of euros we paid for our courses.

So, to summarize, what can you get within the IM Mastery Academy?

  • FRX (traditional forex)
  • HFX (high frequency forex/binary options)
  • DCX (digital currencies)
  • Live mentorship from world class traders
  • Harmonic scanner which scans the markets
  • Multiple strategies & tools

You have the choice between two packages.

  1. Platinum Package
    This package includes either the FRX, HFX or DCX academy with live mentorship from world class traders and the harmonic scanner tool. You can add extra strategies as add ons.

  2. Elite Package
    This all-in-one package includes the FRX, HFX and DXC academy with live mentorship from world class traders, the harmonic scanner tool and all the available strategies.

These strategies include Swipetrades, Vibrata, Swipecoin, Goldcup, Bounceback, Levels, Liberty, Delorean, Pivots and Steady.

And of course you don’t have to use all of them. Just pick on or a few and focus on these ones, depending on you lifestyle. Because you can adjust your way of trading to your lifestyle, or vice versa.

Actually, trading can be a lifestyle. A lifestyle of freedom.

The startup fee for the Platinum Package is $234,95 and for the Elite Package $324,95. For this fee, you’ll have 30 days access to the IM Mastery Academy. Once satisfied, your monthly fee will be $174,95 (Platinum Monthly) or $274,95 (Elite Monthly).

Now, let us tell you this: as you know by now, we started our journey in forex through expensive courses were we paid thousands of euros for. IM Mastery Academy asks just a fraction of these costs.

We know that the courses we went to primarily, are not affordable for everyone. We believe the IM Mastery Academy is way more accessible for most people.

We Create Success Stories.

As said before, at Celebrate Forex we like to do whatever it takes to make you successful. But the ultimate key to succes, that is YOU.

We honestly think, that changes on success are highly probable when you’re part of our community.

And once you’re successful, we guess you would like te share your success with others, right?

Now, we would like to ask you to think about 2 people who you would like to help first once successful. Is it a family member in need? Is it a friend?

Chairman 100 Justin Owens about Forex and the IM Mastery Academy

“Help others achieve their dreams and you will achieve yours.”

Les Brown

Whoever it may be, the fact is, that at the moment your refer two people to the IM Mastery Academy, your monthly fee will get waived, meaning you don’t have to pay for your monthly fee anymore as long as they are members with an active monthly subscription. How does that sound? We like to call that 2&FREE.

We think this is actually a beautiful thing, as you give other people the chance to transform their lives, exactly as how you did for yourself.

Pay It Forward.

Imagine if you will being on your death bed — And standing around your bed — the ghosts of the ideas, the dreams, the abilities, the talents given to you by life.

And that you for whatever reason, you never acted on those ideas, you never pursued that dream, you never used those talents, we never saw your leadership, you never used your voice, you never wrote that book.

And there they are standing around your bed looking at you with large angry eyes saying we came to you, and only you could have given us life! Now we must die with you forever.

The question is — if you die today what ideas, what dreams, what abilities, what talents, what gifts, would die with you?

Les Brown

So what are your waiting for? Let’s get your started!

Oh, and not to forget: there’s no risk involved, as the IM Mastery Academy offers you a 7-Day Money Back Guarantee when you’re not satisfied.

”You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”

Wayne Gretzky

As soon as you subscribe…

Make sure to schedule a personal videocall with your referral to Set Your Game Plan!

Meanwhile, we’ll add you to our Discord Support Group. This support group is 24/7 available in case you have any questions or would like to share some experiences :).

If your are already in IM Mastery Academy on another team, and you’re interested in also joining our Celebrate Forex community, just reach out to us as we have some opportunities to help you without having to leave your current team.

See you soon!

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4. Set Your Game Plan

“Would you tell me, please, which way I ought to go from here?”
“That depends a good deal on where you want to get to,” said the Cat.
“I don’t much care where —” said Alice.
“Then it doesn’t matter which way you go,” said the Cat.

Alice & The Cheshire Cat – Alice in Wonderland

Congratulations on your decision to create your ultimate freedom through the world of forex!

We can tell this might be one of the best decisions you made in your life. Learning how to successfully trade on the forex market will truly be a life changing skillset. Don’t take that lightly.

Thousands of lives on this world are already transformed thanks to the Foreign Exchange, say hello to your freedom.

And just to clarify: a skillset is something that belongs to you for the rest of your life. How much time would you be willing to invest in learning something that can set you and your family free?

Don’t take this for granted, forex is not a thing you will learn overnight. But did we learn to walk, cycle, swim and drive a car overnight? Learning a skillset takes time, just realize that. But once a skillset is learned, you can use it for the rest of your life.

So, in order to become successful in this business, you basically only 2 need two things:

  1. An open mindset
  2. The willingness to learn

Make sure you’re dedicated to your success. Ultimately, YOU are really the only one who can make it happen. You are the key to your success. Once this skillset is learned, nobody can take it from you.

At the same time, realize that people in your environment don’t always understand your journey. They can’t imagine what you already see. Just make sure to stick to your vision, and don’t put yourself down because of the opinion of others.

On our side, we will do whatever it takes in order to create as many success stories as possible. Because in the bigger picture, our vision is to really change and transform the lives of more than a billion people.

So, what’s your Game Plan?

1. Identify your goal

First, it’s important to identify what your goals are. And before you know where you’re going. You need to know where you are now.
So, where are you right now?

“Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars.”

Les Brown

2. State a reason WHY

Second, it’s important to state a reason WHY you want to do this. Forex is in general not a get quick rich scheme. As you learned to walk, cycle, swim and drive a car, forex may take a while to master the markets.

3. Write down your goal

Third, write down your goal. What level of succes would you like to achieve 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months and 12 months from now? What amount of money would you like to earn? How much time are you willing to invest? Make sure to write your numbers down:

”In 12 months from now, [date], I’m so happy and grateful to have earned [state your financial goal] with forex, because [state your WHY]”

And by the way, dit you know that you can actually define 3 targets? Namely, we recommend to set your goals throughout the MTO principle:

1) Minimum goal
2) Target goal
3) Outrageous goal

For example, your target goal is €20.000,- after 12 months. On the other side, your minimum goal is €10.000,- after 12 months. And when things skyrocket, your outrageous goal might be €40.000,- after 12 months. Write your goals down and stick it on a place where you can see it, it will help you to achieve your goals easier, faster and quicker.

”A goal is a dream with a deadline.”

Napoleon Hill

4. Define you speed of learning

Fourth, define your speed of learning. As you will get started with forex, we like to define 3 levels of dedication:

a) Normal learner – 2 months
Take 1 month to learn forex, the second month you should start making consistent profits.

b) Fast learner – 1 month

Take 2 weeks to learn forex, you should start making consistent profits from your third week

c) Super learner – 2 weeks

You are super dedicated. Take 1 week to learn forex, and while you’re learning, we’re aiming to let get your started on making consistent profits already in your second week.

”There are no speed limits on the road to success.”

David W. Johnson

When things go the right way, forex is pretty easy. However, especially when things might go the wrong way, it’s important to remember WHY you got started. Did you want to create your own money-time freedom? Freedom for someone else? Maybe you would like to help someone in need? Maybe it’s a family member or a loved one?

People move either because of habits, pleasure or pain. But when we ultimately realize, that pain is actually our biggest trigger to make us humans act, you might also be focussing on pain in terms of your WHY.

So, your WHY especially needs to be strong enough to keep you going at the moments things don’t work out as planned. But let us tell you this: if you never give up, you already won the race.

”Winners never quit… Yes they do. They quit doing stupid stuff.”

Dave Ramsey

Mindset & psychology

The most important thing that defines winners from losers in this industry is mindset and psychology. Forex is for 80% a mindset game, and in that essence, also a quite spiritual personal development game. Not a strange thing that most forex traders are also quite spiritual human beings, as it takes a certain level of personal growth to become a successful trader.

However, always remember that even the most successful traders had their flaws when they started out. Every master was once a disaster. But they never gave up. They lost money, they blew accounts. Multiple times. But they persevered, and ultimately succeeded.

“Wanting something is not enough. You must hunger for it. Your motivation must be absolutely compelling in order to overcome the obstacles that will invariably come your way.”

Les Brown

We from Celebrate Forex are dedicated to your success. Also we had our f*ck ups, lost money and blew accounts. Some people say experience is the only teacher…

…we like to say you can either learn from mentors or mistakes. And we would recommend to rather take the advice from people who already went through some hard times, then finding it all out by yourself through trial & error.

We create success stories. Make sure to engage with us, and reach out to us, especially at the moments you most need it. ‘Trust the process’, is a thing many traders like to say.

”Discipline is the bridge between goals and accomplishment.”

Jim Rohn

Welcome to your freedom, cheers to your success!

Let’s change your life, because once you’re a success, when can help even more people, and ultimately make the world a better place.

A place full of love, joy, happiness and fulfillment.

Team Celebrate Forex

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5. Study Your Way to Success

So, now you’ve set your game plan. Let’s get started for real! In this article you’ll find everything you need to know to become a successful trader.

1. Learn the basics.

First, watch the 100 and 200 series of the Learn Forex Trading English Academy to learn the basics. Go to the IM Center (http://im.center/) and go to Academies. Then enroll for the course.

Tip: make sure to bookmark the IM Center in your internet browser for easy access.

Manny Quinones
IM Mastery Academy Educator

”Don’t go swimming in the largest ocean in the world when you don’t yet know how to swim. Don’t trade on the largest financial market in the world when you don’t yet know how to trade.”

Please make sure, that when you don’t understand a video. You watch it over again till you get it. When you have any questions after watching the 100 & 200 series, please reach out to us.

Top Tip: YouTube and goLIVE videos are watchable on a higher speed (i.e. x 1,5 or x 2), which will save you a lot of time.

Introduction by IM Mastery Academy Educator Manny Quinones – 6.46

The 100 series

These series consist of 17 videos of about 3-7 minutes on average.

In total, it will take you about 1 hour and 15 minutes to watch these.

Once you get to the videos on Entering a trade on iPhone/Android, make sure you have downloaded the MetaTrader 4 app for your smartphone through the App Store or Google Play Store.

Watch both video’s, as it is useful to know what the differences between the Metatrader 4 app for iPhone and Android are.

  1. What is forex? – 2.24
  2. History of forex – 3.09
  3. What is traded in forex – 2.36
  4. Market participants – 2.49
  5. Tradingview – 7.31
  6. When to trade forex – 3.24
  7. Buy vs. sell – 3.18
  8. What is a pip? – 5.53
  9. Lot size – 5.41
  10. What are pending orders? – 3.56
  11. Bid vs. Ask – spread – 3.13
  12. Margin & leverage – 9.59
  13. 3 types of analysis – 5.47
  14. Time zones – 5.04
  15. Entering a trade of Android – 5.08
  16. Entering a trade on iPhone – 3.53
  17. Stop loss – 2.49

The 200 series

These series consist of 12 videos of about 5-8 minutes on average.

In total, it will take you about 1 hour and 35 minutes to watch these.

  1. Chart setup Metatrader 4 – 8.00
  2. What is a trend – 4.10
  3. Support & resistance – 7.05
  4. Drawing support & resistance – 7.08
  5. Price action – 5.45
  6. Trendlines – 9.14
  7. Pullbacks – 5.26
  8. Your trading window – 2.42
  9. The fibonacci tool – 6.49
  10. Understanding candlesticks – 9.16
  11. Confirmation checklist – 10.23
  12. Your trading plan – 9.26

By now, we would like you to congratulate you on finishing the required education. Let’s celebrate!

2. Master The Academy & Set Your First Demo Trade.

If you like to, you’re now ready to set your first demo trade in MetaTrader 4.

Therefore, we recommend to visit the Master The Academy (formerly Fast Start Center) site, where you can register for a free account and watch several easy-to-follow video tutorials as a great guidance to start your forex journey.

A. Pick Your Broker

Exchanging currencies in the real world can be done at currency exchange offices like GWK Travelex and Western Union. Those are offline brokers. In Forex, we use online brokers.

At the Master The Academy site, educator Manny Quinones speaks in phase 1 about setting up a broker account via Hugo’s Way, where you can use Cash App for to fund your account.

Most members of Celebrate Forex work with IC Markets, an Australian broker with low spreads (the difference between the bid and ask price). But you’re free to pick another one, for example KOT4X, FX Choice, Oanda, FXCM, HotForex or XM.

For demo purposes you could also use the default demo account on your MetaTrader 4 app. However, we recommend to demo directly with your favorite broker to get used to their settings.

To set your first demo trade, we would encourage you to use the harmonic scanner. Therefore, watch the video How to use the harmonic scanner (FRX412 – 9.01) under the 400 series to set your first trade.

B. Set a Demo Account (with IC Markets)

  1. Choose MT4 as your trading platform
  2. Use a RAW Spread/True ECN account for the lowest spreads (generally the more beneficial deal)
  3. Choose EUR as your currency (depending on your preference)
  4. Choose a 1:500 leverage
  5. Pick 500 or 1000 euros as your initial deposit, to make things most realistic
  6. You’ll receive an email from you broker with server name, login and password
  7. Log on to your new demo account via the MetaTrader 4 app.
    – Settings -> new account -> login to an existing account
  8. Make sure your chart settings are set the right way; select candlesticks and make sure all other options are green (volumes, ask price line, period separators, trade levels, OHLC and data window)
iPhone MetaTrader 4 Tutorial – 26.31
Android MetaTrader 4 Tutorial – 13.47

3. Advanced education

After watching the 100 and 200 series, we recommend you to watch some useful videos of the 300 and 400 series.

The 300 series

These series feature 9 advanced videos. From these videos, there are 3 video’s we primarily highly recommend. These 3 videos would take you about 17 minutes to watch:

  1. Power of twin trading – 5.54
  2. Bollinger bands – 7.39
  3. EMA – 4.09

The 400 series

These series feature 22 advanced videos. From these videos, there are 2 video’s we primarily highly recommend. These 2 videos would take you about 25 minutes to watch:

  1. Elliot waves intro – 8.35
  2. How to trade triangles – 16.58

When watched all the above videos, you just covered over 3 hours and 40 minutes of education.

Tradingview Tutorial by Manny Quinones – 26.06
Tradingview Tips & Tricks by Mike Navarette (Tradehouse) – 58.05

Congratulations, make sure you celebrate!

4. Manny Quinones’ Beginner’s Bootcamp

Educator Manny Quinones created an amazing Beginner’s Bootcamp for everyone who likes to have a great fundament to become a pro in the forex market. This bootcamp of 8 goLIVE courses and Manny’s site also offers an Intermediate Bootcamp and several Advanced & Specialized Bootcamp’s.

Risk Management

Regarding this beginner’s bootcamp, make sure to watch at least course 3 about the Cycle of Doom, Stop Loss Rules, Risk-to-Reward Ratios and Risk Management before you start live trading. This is because this video contains vital information about trading in a responsible way, which is super key in trading.

Tip: watch the video’s on double speed so you save yourself a lot of time!

5. Next Level Trading

Not to discourage you, but did you know that 95% of the forex traders lose their money? Luckily, we focus of being on the side of the 5% who actually make money from the market.

Now you may ask yourself: why are so many people losing money? Well, actually the same thing happens in another field, because did you know that 90% of business start ups fail?

“There are winners, there are losers and there are people who have not yet learned how to win.”

Les Brown

Primarily, there are 2 main reason for that:

A. Not having the right mindset & psychology

Most people lose because of the fact they can’t control their emotions. Often they are greedy or impatient. Trading is 10% buying, 10% selling and 80% waiting. Actually, trading should be rather boring than exciting. If trading is very exciting for you, you may want to detach your emotions by staying rational in the market.

When you’re using your ratio it’s easy to earn money with the right risk-reward ratio (minimum 1:3) and high probability setups.

When you’re emotional it’s very easy to lose money because of greed, impatience, and so-called revenge trading.

B. Not having the right education

Most people learn forex the wrong way. We at Celebrate Forex would really like you to understand the markets as the 5% who is making money.

Actually, 1 out of 6 people (17%) are in trading or investing: 59% don’t educate themselves in a proper way, 11% take advise from someone else, while 30% let others trade or invest for them.

In order to be among the 5% of the successful traders, you actually have to do the exact opposite of what 95% of the masses do.

So, how do I become one of the 5% successful people?

Good question, that’s why we like to introduce market structure, time and price, institutional trading and smart money concepts to you, brought to you by the top educators of Steady and Tradehouse.

Easily said, these concepts are based on how the big banks trade, as they have 95% market control.

Don’t trade like the masses, trade like the banks.

The video’s down below (approx. 1 hour per video) gives you an excellent overview on understanding how to trade like a pro in a way of market structure, time & price and institutional trading. These video’s (Steady or Elite subscription needed) are brought to you by Justin Saini and John Dollery, educators of Steady.

Justin Saini
Co-founder & educator of Steady
John Dollery
Co-founder & educator of Steady

Sniper education

Zachary Hogan
Tradehouse & Bounceback educator
Jordan Morgan
Tradehouse co-founder, Tradehouse & Bounceback educator

If you like to discover more about how to trade like a sniper in the markets, make sure to check the Tradehouse course (Bounceback or Elite subscription needed).

Also, one of the beautiful things of trading the smart way is that you get access to the Tradehouse Support Group via Discord if you have Bounceback or the Elite Pack Membership.

6. Bonus series.

Of course, you could also watch the other videos of the advanced education within the Mastery Academy for an extra understanding of the forex market.

”Ask yourself if you’re one of the good people who successful people want to be around.”

Les Brown

We sorted these bonus videos of the 300 and 400 series below for your convenience, in our preferred order to watch.

The 300 series (bonus)
Watching these 5 bonus videos take about 28 minutes:

1. Continuation pattern – 5.54
2. Support & resistance in depth – 4.07
3. Price reversal zones – 7.09
4. Pair crosses – 5.11
5. Pivot levels – 6.35

The 400 series (bonus)
We like to divide these 20 bonus videos into 3 parts:

Part 1
Watching these 7 bonus videos take about 2 hours and 40 minutes:

1. Identifying a trending market – 4.57
2. Risk management planning – 32.47
3. Auction market theorie – 24.24
4. Balance class – 25.24
5. Elliot waves – 46.37
6. Why harmonics – 6.11
7. Harmonic entry techniques – 15.59

Part 2
Watching these 4 bonus videos take about 3 hours and 7 minutes:

1. Market geometry 1 – 54.46
2. Market geometry 2 – 45.32
3. Market geometry 3 – 50.53
4. Market geometry 4 – 34.33

Part 3
Watching these 9 bonus videos take about 2 hours and 12 minutes:

1. Harmonics 1 – 19.57
2. Harmonics 2 – 29.52
3. Harmonics 3 – 12.38
4. Harmonics 4 – 6.06
5. Bat patterns – 7.24
6. Gartley pattern 1 – 27.35
7. Gartley pattern 2 – 9.26
8. Butterfly patterns – 11.30
9. Shark patterns – 7.56

When watched all the bonus videos, you just did another 8 hours and 25 minutes of education!

Combined with the required and advanced education, you completed a total of 12 hours and 5 minutes!

That’s just incredible… congratulations, let’s celebrate!

6. Connect with the community

Now you understand the basics, it’s also time to engage with the IM Mastery Academy community.

Download the Telegram app for your smartphone (and computer) trough the App Store or the Google Play Store.

And subscribe to the IM Corporate Official Telegram:


Now, it’s time to find your strategy!

If you’re ready for it, you can continue to the next article.

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6. Find Your Strategy

Now, it’s time to find your trading strategy! First you have to know, that there are many strategies out there.

Depending on your lifestyle and what type of person you are, the one strategy will fit you better than the other. In order to find a good strategy for you, you first need to identify what kind of trader you want to be.

1. Scalper

These traders generally hold on to their trades for a few seconds to minutes. They quickly jump in and out of the market, trying to catch around 5-10 pips per trade. They normally trade for about 15 to 30 minutes a day, especially during the London or New York session. A soon as they reach their daily target, they’re done for the day.

Strategies: HFX, Harmonics, Vibrata (Money Flow, Simple Scalper, Index Infusion), Delorean, Liberty (Simplescalper, Pickpocket), Swipecoin (Scalper)

2. Intraday

These traders usually set their trades at the beginning of the day, based upon their analysis. They often aim for at least 20-70 pips per trade. At the end of the day, their trades either result in a win or a loss. Some of these day traders look a few times per day on the charts, setting their stop loss to break even or taking partial profits. They normally don’t hold their trades overnight.

Strategies: HFX, Harmonics, FRX Library, Vibrata (Triple Fire Strategy, London Payout/ECC11, Thor, Index Infusion), Goldcup (US30, Pricetrap), Steady, Bounceback (Sniper), Delorean (Shadow), Pivots, Swipecoin, Levels, Liberty (Webslinger

3. Swing trader

These traders are willing to hold on to their trades for a longer term, sometimes even for several days. Having this kind of patience can be very rewarding, as you only need a few trades per week were you’re usually aiming for at least 100-300 pips per trade. These traders usually monitor their charts pretty little, which could allow them to enjoy more freedom.

Strategies: Harmonics, HFX, FRX Library, Steady, Swipecoin, Swipetrades

4. Position trader

These traders hold on to their trades for weeks, months or even years. Some people like to call them trade investors. They often analyze the market from a fundamental perspective and have big patience to let their trades play out in the long term, trying to catch massive long term moves with over 1000+ pips per trade. They take usually a few trades per month.

Strategies: HFX, Harmonics, FRX Library, Steady

Trading Style Quiz

Do you wonder what kind of trader you are? Babypips has a fun quiz on their site, which might give you a sense of what trading style would suit you:

IM Center Tutorial by IM Mastery Academy Educator Manny Quinones – 20.04


Now you know what kind of trader your like to be, it’s team to find out what strategy suits you the most. Below you’ll find the most popular strategies of the IM Mastery Academy including our recommended educators:

1. Harmonics (People’s Favorite & Beginner’s Choice)

Styles: scalping, intraday, swing, position
Manual: https://www.educatormannyq.com/
Telegram Alerts: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAFcg5PIoykEdG7s6dA

Manny Quinones
Christopher Derrick

Follow master educators Manny Quinones and Christopher Derrick on goLIVE, using their easy-to-learn and highly profitable Harmonics Scanner and Break and Retest strategies.

The Harmonic Scanner is extremely powerful with a basic accuracy of about 75%. When applying the right concepts, you can increase this accuracy up to 80-95%. One of the top leaders within IM Academy, managed to retire within 4 months at the age of 21 by just using the Harmonics Scanner.

This flagship product offers an algorithm that combines patterns and math to find each week 200+ high probability trade ideas in the market. This scanner monitors the M15, H1, H4 and daily timeframe at the same time for currency pairs, and can be combined with different strategies, brought to you by the official IM educators.

2. Vibrata (Scalper’s Choice)

Add-ons: Money Flow, Simple Scalper, Index Infusion | Triple Fire Strategy, London Payout/ECC11, Thor, Index Infusion
Styles: scalping, intraday

Kathy Kirkland
Lee Allen
Bale Granville

If you love scalping or even something more, Vibrata could be a great deal for you. You can either copy-paste the given setups by the educators, do a part of the analysis by yourself or even the whole analysis by yourself using the software at any moment you like.

Vibrata is a software offering an all in one solution to make you feel comfortable about at least 3-12 trades (London Payout/ECC11), 50+ trades (Money Flow, Simple Scalper) or even 100+ trades (Index Infusion) a week. Based upon your lifestyle, you can choose how much of your own analysis you like to add to the setups. Trade live along the Vibrata educators, giving you rules to follow to capitalize on.

3. Delorean

Signature strategy: Delorean Shadow
Styles: scalping, intraday
Telegram: t.me/dlalerts

Patrick Kenney
Tyrone Foster
Abel Melendez

An algorithm scanning 30 different currency pairs at 5 different timeframes all week long, giving more than 700 trade ideas per week following a simple 4 steps confirmation system.

Use Delorean Shadow to profit from trade ideas from master traders Patrick Kenney and Tyrone Foster.

4. Liberty (People’s Favorite & Beginner’s Choice)

Strategies: Simplescalper, CashTrap, Pickpocket, Webslinger
Styles: scalping, intraday

Evan Cabral
Nes Vasquez

HFX or binary options is the fastest and easiest way to make money (for beginner’s).

Liberty Simplescalper uses a powerful 4+ confirmation charting software identifying accurate buy and sell positions without the need for support, resistance and trendlines. A highly effective tool for binary options and fast paced trading.

Liberty Pickpocket uses a 3-step approach to target highly accurate buys and sells no matter the market conditions in all time frames. Simple rules with scanner alerts providing extra spice, and with the possibility to add your own indicators to the charts.

Liberty Webslinger is a simple yet powerful trend trading system using Ichimoku Clouds, allowing to use over 20 indicators at a time, identifying buys and sells with around 10 trades per week.

5. Swipecoin

Side strategy: Swipecoin Scalper, Harmonics DCX
Styles: scalping, intraday, swing
Telegram: t.me/scalerts, t.me/imswipecoin

Crypto Picasso
Ivan Paychecks
Nick Gomez

Swipecoin Scalper/Harmonics DCX allows you to scalp and trade the digital currencies market with the help of special charting software, backed by crypto traders with more than 11+ years of experience in the digital currency market.

The regular strategy includes trade ideas and education: use the iPhone and Android app to get instant notifications straight to your smartphone, including full analysis with suggested entry, take profit and stop loss.

6. FRX Library

Styles: intraday, swing, position

Leon Davies
Jordan Morgan
Lex Waves

Kimberley Torres
Mike Navarette
Christopher Derrick

Mike Miles
Rok Kumer
Kathy Kirkland

Zachary Hogan
Bas Kooijman
Lee Allen

Different strategies, brought to you by multiple world class 6, 7 and 8-figure traders. From trend trading to smart money concepts and break of structure, these educators allow you to analyze the markets like a pro and give you high probability trade ideas where you can profit from.

7. Goldcup (People’s Choice)

Signature strategies: GoldRush, Teacup, MA Cross
Add-ons: US30, Pricetrap
Styles: intraday
Telegram: https://t.me/joinchat/AAAAAE6Qgg7l1jk8aoxAWw

Luc Longmire
Kimberley Torres
Lisaldo Tavarez
Christopher Derrick

An easy to follow strategy with about 5-7 quality over quantity trades per week including full entry, stop loss and take profit parameters with about 85% accuracy. When watching Kimberley Torres’ Sunday Night live session through the FRX Advanced Channel, you’ll be awarded with around 10 trade setups for the week opening.

8. Steady (Author’s Favorite)

Styles: scalping, intraday, swing
Telegram: t.me/sdalerts

John Dollery
Justin Saini
Mauricio Ceballos

A strategy finding you quality swing trades with risk to reward calculated for you. These 2-4 trade setups per week include full parameters and key swing target levels, allowing you to set your trades and forget about them. Join John Dollery and Justin Saini on their live sessions and get rewarded with extra high value trade ideas, as Steady combines market structure, time & price and institutional trading into a great swing trading strategy.

Also, make sure to start with Justin Saini’s introduction video and John Dollery’s introduction video, giving you a great explanation on Steady’s swing trading philosophy.

9. Bounceback (Author’s Favorite)

Signature strategy: Bounceback Sniper
Styles: intraday, swing, position
Manual: https://bouncebacklaunch.com/
Telegram: t.me/imlbounceback

Mike Miles
Rok Kumer
Zachary Hogan
Zach McDonald
Jordan Morgan
Sandi Kespret
Mike Navarette
Stevenson Lindor

Signature strategy Bounceback Sniper is a smart money concepts platform hosted by Tradehouse, giving you quality and precision sniper entries with tight stop losses, resulting in high risk to rewards ratios.

We highly recommend to follow the Tradehouse Course, to become a self sufficient and independent trader who can read the charts anytime, anywhere. A great thing is you’re not dependent on a single indicator; you’ll learn to look at pure market structure, time & price action and institutional trading with your naked eye. Simply trade like the banks, giving you a powerful skillset for the rest of your life.

10. Pivots

Styles: scalping, intraday

Bas Kooijman
Lee Allen

An algorithm taking the guess work out of finding your stop loss and take profit identifying about 50 trades per week. A strategy which is easy to understand for the beginner, finding reversal zones on every time frame, allowing you to fit your trading style of scalping, intraday or swing trading. Dutch educator Bas Kooijman is live everyday at 7.30 am. Trade live along with him, as Bas is known for his high accuracy of about 90%.

11. Levels

Styles: scalping, intraday

Oran Wright

An algorithm identifying 100+ entry points, stop losses and take profits per week, one level at a time in the markets. Besides, you’re being educated why these setups are taken in the market.

12. Swipetrades

Styles: scalping, intraday

Justin Adams

An app for your phone illustrating live trade ideas and designated entry and risk parameters with around 40-50 trades per week. Risk is calculated for you along proper values for entry, stop loss and take profit. Trade idea notifications are directly sent to your smartphones, allowing to easily copy and paste numbers into MetaTrader 4.

Risk Management

If you haven’t done so yet, please again make sure you have watched this video of educator Manny Quinones about the Cycle of Doom, Stop Loss Rules, Risk-to-Reward Ratios and Risk Management.

This video is part of Manny’s Beginner’s Bootcamp and contains vital information about trading in a responsible way, which is one of the most important elements in trading.

Trading Journal

Also, the video below from educator Kimberley Torres about journaling your trades is highly recommended to watch. Journaling identifies your strengths and weaknesses in order to become a pro trader. Some traders have seen their results going up from 60% accuracy to 85-95% accuracy thanks to journaling their trades.

And to finalize this article, it’s incredibly useful to go over one of the single most important things in trading:

Your Personal Trading Plan

Failing to plan, is planning to fail

Like pilots make their flight plan, we highly recommend to create your own personal trading plan. This means, that you’re basically setting up your own rules to guide you to success.

It’s a long list, but it’s very good to have a good think about each question. Go patient through each one; it will give you a lot of clarity.

”The most successful people in life get that way by putting passion and commitment into their work.”

Les Brown

Under each question, we listed an example answer:

1. Trading mindset

  1. What overall trading goal did I write down?
    In 12 months from now, I’m so happy and grateful to have earned €50.000,- with forex, because I want to help my mother and set her free.

    My minimum goal: €20.000,-
    My target goal: €50.000,-
    My outrageous goal: €110.000,-

  2. What is my minimum daily/weekly/monthly percentage target?
    My minimum daily target is 2% (or 20 pips), my weekly target is 10%, my monthly target is 40%. I know, that if I make 2% per day, that after 1 year I’ll have more than €110.000,-. It’s all about getting rich slow by making consistents profits every day.

    I realize a lot of forex traders aim for at least 30 to 70 pips a day, which is 3% – 7% daily grow. I don’t want to rush, that’s why I state a minimum goal of 2% per day overall.

  3. How do I combine my daily lifestyle with trading?
    At the moment I have a 9 to 5 job, I’ll spend in total 20 minutes a day on my trading in terms of clicking buttons. I’ll spend way more time on education than on my trading.

  4. What trading style would apply to me?
    I trade towards my freedom, I would like to be a type of swing trader, that allows me to set my trades and forget about my trades. I don’t want to be a slave to the charts, having my eyes on my phone all the time.

  5. When do I trade?
    I’m willing to take trades throughout the day from 7.00 am to 10.00 pm. When an educator sends an notification that he or she found a new trade idea, I’ll have a quick look at it in the next break before I check my Instagram.

  6. How much time do I spend per day on trading?
    I will spent about 20 minutes a day on trading on my smartphone, maximum 1 hour.

  7. How often do I look at my smartphone?
    I may look during the London (9am – 11am) and New York (2.00 pm – 5.00 pm) trading session at maximum once per 30 minutes on my smartphone to check how the 30M candle closed, I order to see if the market price broke my desired level. For the rest of the day once per hour, if necessary. Also, I set alerts via the Tradingview app when price crosses key levels.

  8. What time do I invest in my trade management?
    I spent maximum 20 minutes a day on my trade management: setting my stop loss to break even, secure my profits and taking my profits using the M15, M30 and H1 candles.

  9. When shall I not trade? For example in certain environments, on certain days or after certain times?
    I shall not trade when I’m at someone else’s place and when I have dinner with my family. I shall not trade during the weekend and I shall not trade after 10 pm or before 7 am.

  10. What is going to be my trading schedule?
    I will trade flexible from Monday to Friday in 20 minutes throughout the day, mainly during London and New York Session. I’ll educate myself every evening after dinner for 1 hour.

  11. What trading habits will I implement?
    Everytime before I open Instagram, I check my trades. When I forget, I’ll check my trades after opening Instagram: scrolling through the stories of my friends, favorite educators and motivators who inspire me everyday to become the most I can be.

  12. Do I trade in each emotional state?
    I won’t trade when I’m tired, angry or sad. I know I’ll look at the charts in a different way and this will probably affect my trading in a negative way.

2. Trading technique

  1. What strategy/strategies do I use?
    I use HFX and Smart Money Concepts, brought to me by the educators of TradeHouse: a combination between market structure, time & price and institutional trading. Furthermore, I love Bounceback Sniper and Steady. With that, the harmonic scanner can help me to find high probability setups, on which I can apply my own analysis and strategy.

  2. What pairs do I trade?
    I only trade major pairs and GBP pairs, furthermore I will trade gold, crude oil, US30, S&P 500 and Nasdaq.

  3. Do I only trade with the trend?
    I only trade with the trend, because the trend is my friend. When I trade with the trend, my overall profits will be way more than when I trade against the trend. Also because when suddenly a massive impulsive occurs, for example during big news releases, the big move will most likely occur with the trend, not against the trend.

  4. What confirmations do I use in my trading?
    I wait until the body of the M15/M30/H1 candle closes above or below the desired level I set. Furthermore, I check if big news events are planned for the day through Forex Factory (https://www.forexfactory.com/calendar), as it’s very useful to know when and how much volatility I can expect for the day.

  5. When do I enter the market? When do I exit the market and take profit?
    I enter the market on a pullback with the trend, if possible with a high accuracy sniper entry with tight stop loss. I don’t chase the market. I exit the market at take profit 1 (3x my stop loss) and take profit 2 (5x my stop loss).

  6. Do I take several positions per trade (twin or triple trading)?
    Per trade, I set one position for take profit 1, one position for take profit 2, and if possible a bonus position for an open take profit regarding the ultimate swing target.

3. Risk management

  1. How many trades/positions may be open simultaneously?
    At the same time, I may have simultaneously maximum 4 trades open, each with at maximum 3 positions. By doing this, I keep a good overview on my trades and won’t be overwhelmed.

  2. What percentage of my account may be at risk at one time?
    In the beginning, I’ll be risking at maximum 14% of my whole account at one time. When more experienced, I may risk at maximum 20% of my whole account at the same time with a diversified trade portofolio, as I know some pairs are correlated.

  3. Wat percentage do I risk per trade?
    I risk 2% per trade, especially in the beginning. When more experienced, I may increase my risk per trade to max 5%.

    In the last scenario, I’ll risk 2% on take profit 1, 2% on take profit 2 and 1% on my open take profit.

  4. What is my minimum risk-reward?
    For tp 1, my minimum risk-reward is 1:3, for tp2, my risk-reward is 1:5.

  5. What is my maximum stop loss?
    My preferred stop loss is 8-15 pips, being a sniper trader that applies Smart Money Concepts. My stop loss may be at maximum 35 pips. I may coincidentally make exceptions when my risk-reward is sufficient enough.

    I always trade with a stop loss. At the same time, I realize I need to re-enter a trade several times before it will make it’s desired big impulsive move.

  6. When do I set my stop loss to break even? How do I secure profit?
    Once my trade is 25 pips in profit, I set my stop loss to break even (2 pips above entry).

    Depending on the volatility in the market, I secure my (partial) profit(s) after analysis of the H1, M30 or M15 candles.

  7. How many trades may I lose before I stop trading for the day?
    I may lose 4 trades before I stop trading for that day. I don’t want to revenge trade. Things will probably get worse. Sleep good for the night and start the next day with a clean sheet.

  8. Do I stop trading for the day after losing a certain percentage?
    Once I lost 14%, I’ll stop trading for the day and go do something off the charts. Meanwhile, I thank my stop loss for protecting my money. If he wasn’t there, I would have lost way more money, get margin called and might even have blowed my account.

”It is no fun to fail, but you must pick yourself you and get back in the race. The only way you can grow is to challenge yourself beyond your present circumstances.”

Les Brown

4. Money management

  1. How much money am I willing to put in trading?
    Once confident, I’m willing to start with an account of €1000,-.

  2. Am I willing to contribute some extra money to my trading account every month to leverage my compounding?
    In order to reach my target goal, I’ll contribute at maximum €100,- per month to my trading account to keep on track of my target schedule when necessary.

  3. How much money would I be willing to lose?
    I would be willing to lose €1000,- at maximum. I only trade with money I can afford to lose.

  4. How long do I demo trade? When do I go live?
    I demo trade for at maximum 3 days, then I go live. I do this because my emotions are getting way more real when my own money is at risk. Because of that, I’ll take things even more serious.

  5. With how much money am I going to trade for the first time live?
    I’m going to start with just €100,-. If I blow my account due to beginner flaws, the amount of money I lost is little. I evaluate why I blew my account and learn from that, before starting a new low risk €100,- account. I don’t want to blow my account, but when I feel like breaking the rules and overleverage, I really need to ask for help if I blowed my €100,- for the second or third time.

  6. With how any accounts do I trade?
    I trade with 3 live accounts:

    I use my first account for my compounding: I don’t touch this money and follow strict rules. No gambling or experimenting over here.

    I use my second account to pay for my daily expenses. With the €15,- I made Monday I’ll cover my lunch on Friday. With the €40,- I made on Tuesday I’ll cover my groceries on Wednesday. And the €60,- I made on Wednesday pays for my gas tank and car wash on Saturday.

    I use my third account as my Get Lucky account, over here I can experiment and break the rules when I feel like I’m on the winning side. I don’t deposit more than €100,- on this account. When things go wrong in my adventures, I only lose a small amount.

  7. How often do I withdraw my money? And what amount?
    I withdraw my money at least once per week from my daily expenses account, so I can really feel money from my trading account flowing to my bank account. I withdraw 50% of the profits I made of that week. Such a good feeling that amount of money paid for my lunch, groceries, gas tank and car wash for the week.

5. Education

  1. How much time per day/week/month do I spend on my education?
    I spent every day one hour on my education. I’m free on Sunday. That’s 24 hour or 1 day per month. I’m willing to invest this time in my education so I can set myself free.

  2. Which educators do I follow?
    Depending on how I can manage my time for the day, I’ll follow Rok Kumer on Monday and Friday morning. Also, I’ll follow John Dollery on Monday and Thursday at 11 am and Mike Navarette on Tuesday and Thursday at 4.10 pm. I’ll combine the last two with the Bounceback and Power Hour sessions of Zachary Hogan and Jordan Morgan from Tradehouse. When I watch recordings, I play the videos on a higher speed to save time.

  3. Do I study my losing trades?
    I know losing is part of the game. It’s a calculated risk were I anticipate on: when I lose a trade, I exactly know how much I’m going to lose as I’m always risking 2%. I lose rational, without emotions. There’s not a single trader in this world that never loses a trade. How you deal with losses determines how successful you become as a trader. I’ll evaluate my losing trades to learn from that. In that way I’ll become a better trader. And the better I get, the more money I make.

  4. Do I keep a trading journal?
    Every time I’m in a trade, I’ll write down that trade in my journal. I’ll state what pair, what date and time, why I took the trade, my stop loss, my entry and tp levels. I also write down my risk-reward ratio, my trade management and of course the outcome of the trade.

    I’m going to track 100 trades, and every 10 trades I’ll look at my success ratio. So if after 10 trades appears I won 7 out of 10, I’ll study what I can do better in order to win 8 out of 10 trades when trades 11-20 are ongoing.

  5. In what time should I ultimately be successful?
    I give myself 100 trades in 90 days (or 3 months) in order to become successful before I reconsider if forex is something for me.

6. When do I ask for help?

I ask for help when I have questions or when I feel sad about trading. First, I’ll check if I can find the answer on the website or in the videos of the basic academy.

If not, I’ll ask my upline who will help me. If he or she doesn’t know the answer I’ll post my question in the Discord group, which is 24/7 available for support.

Every Sunday at 9.00 pm I tune in for the Mentorship Coaching Call through Zoom and I’ll visit live events. That’s how I keep involved and engaged within the Celebrate Forex community.

And at the same time, I share my experiences and successes with the group!

Please always remember.

  1. You’re the one who is responsible for your succes.
  2. We are there to help you.
  3. Make sure to reach out to us when needed!

Please believe us, we experienced it all, both good times and bad times. We made every single possible flaw by ourselves.

So don’t be embarrassed: please reach out to us, especially at the times you most need it. Deal?

At the same time, it’s important to realize that probably every single trader will at some point face a so-called losing streak. At that moment, you’re basically losing every single trade in a row for one week or even longer. Especially when you’re using a strategy that used to work very well before.

This may be caused by temporarily changed market conditions or just bad luck. Make sure al your parameters/indicators are set the right way and stick to your strategy when this happens. Ultimately, ask for help.

As you may know by know, we have within IM Mastery Academy a diversity of strategies that you can capitalize from. And the good news is: all of them work! When you follow the rules, you’ll earn good money. And of course, at a certain moment you can add your own sauce to the strategies.

In the next article, we’ll cover our favorite educators with you, so you can make a good decisions about what strategies and which educators to follow for your LIVE mentorship.

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7. LIVE mentorship

Within IM Mastery Academy, we’re blessed to have LIVE access to an alliance of more than 150 world class traders, hosting more than 200 hours of goLIVE mentorship per week.

”You’ll find the true value of IM Mastery Academy in the goLIVE sessions and the community.”

All these educators are 6, 7 and 8 figure traders, with lots of experience in the market. Connect, collaborate, ask, learn and succeed.

The Place to Be

We consider goLIVE to be the most valuable part of the community, as you really learn how to trade by attending these live sessions.

Because rather than just picking the cherries from the cake, we like to know how to make the cake. Rather than just receive the fishes, we like to know how to build our own rod so we can go fishing by ourselves.

Learn from the best, from them live, on your own time. Live mentorship, designed around your busy life & schedule.

Attend their live sessions and trade live with them on the market. Earn by copying their trades on your smartphone while you learn from them how to look at the market.

What was the last time you attended a lecture, and was simultaneously earning money?

Favorite educators

Below you can find a schedule of the favorite educators of Celebrate Forex. Click on week for the best overview.

”Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Jim Rohn

Bonus nightowl sessions
As the IM Mastery Academy Headquarters is located in New York and a lot of educators are located in the United States, times on the website are stated in New York Time or EST (Eastern Standard Time). Subsequently, some educators may be online while people in Europe are generally sleeping.

Some recommended educators who are online during the night:
Kimberley Torres (FRX Advanced) – Sunday & Thursday, 4 am*
Mike Miles (Tradehouse) – Tuesday until Friday, 6 am
Justin Saini (Steady) – Monday & Wednesday, 1 am

*As said by Kimberley herself, her most valuable sessions are her Sunday night sessions, where about 10 setups are covered. Fortunately, all the goLIVE sessions are recorded, so we can look back at the recording the next morning/day.

Follow your favorite educators

Bas Kooijman
Pivots, FRX Advanced

Easy to understand, very good guidance for beginning traders. Accuracy of about 90%.
Manny Quinones

One of the most popular all time educators. Teaches Harmonics and is the voice of the 100 and 200 series of the IM FRX Mastery Academy.
Luc Longmire
Goldcup (Goldrush)

Easy to understand, uses break of structure from a technical perspective. Trades gold, indices and GBP pairs with an accuracy of 80-90%.
Kimberley Torres
Goldcup (US30)

Easy to understand, uses break of structure from a fundamental perspective. Trades gold, indices and GBP pairs with an accuracy of 80-90%.
Leon Davies
FRX Advanced

Trend trader who catches 200-400 pips per trade on average. Quality of quantity trades.
Justin Saini

Mentored by CEO Christopher Terry, very clear explanation about market structure, time & price and institutional trading.
John Dollery

The Jaimie Oliver of trading. Currently breaking down a high value Steady course to become a self sufficient and independent trader.
Tim Tradez
One of the best institutional traders in the world with a deep understanding of fundamentals.
Mike Miles
FRX Advanced

Co-founder of Tradehouse, explains the basics of smart money concepts, including a deep understanding on world affairs.
Zachary Hogan
BounceBack (Sniper), FRX Advanced, Digital Currencies

Popular trading coach, very nice, calm and patient style of teaching smart money concepts.
Jordan Morgan
BounceBack (Sniper), FRX Advanced, Digital Currencies

Co-founder of Tradehouse, great look at the markets from a smart money concept.
Mike Navarrete
FRX Advanced

His nickname is ‘El Mago’ for a reason, giving great value and precise sniper entries during his live US30 sessions.
Rok Kumer
FRX Advanced

Nice daily morning analysis of the market with several trade ideas. Very consistent educator.
Mauricio Ceballos

The newest educator of Steady, teaching in a very efficient and humble way.
Christopher Derrick
Harmonics, Goldcup (Pricetrap)

A high valued educator, great to watch for beginners. Creator of the Pricetrap strategy.
Patrick Kenney

A great trader with a very clear voice and easy to understand explanation. Offers a great bird eye overview on the world economy.
Tyrone Foster

Known for his typical active style, accompanied by his favorite music, Tyrone always makes a funny yet honest show of his live sessions.
Lex Waves
FRX Advanced

Very decent trader using market structure, time & price combined with institutional trading.
Crypto Picasso

Digital currency veteran with 11+ year experience in the market. Great explanation and easy to follow.
Kathy Kirkland
Vibrata (ECC11)

Founder of the Vibrata ECC11 strategy, one of the most popular educators of IM.
Lee Allen

A very recognizable personality that gives you the confidence to trade just like her.

Subscribe to Piptalk!

Also, make sure to follow your favorite strategies and educators on Piptalk.

For the latest updates on your preferred strategies and educators, make sure to download the official IM Mastery Academy App from the App Store or Google Play Store and subscribe to your favorite Piptalk channels.

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8. Engage, Empower, Enrich.

We care about our people. A warm, safe and personal atmosphere is very important to keep our community loving and vibrant.

Arrange a Personal Zoomcall with Your Personal Coach/Mentor

Now you’ve gone through you onboarding experience, it’s important to discuss your goals, game plan and trading vision with a Celebrate Forex coach/mentor.

Ask your buddy coach who your trading coach/mentor is going to be, and make sure to arrange a personal Zoomcall with your personal trading coach/mentor to discuss these valuable points.

Engage in Our Discord Support Group

Do you have any questions or would you like to share your experiences? Our Celebrate Forex Discord Support Group is 24/7 at your disposal.

Please ask your referral or buddy coach for access to the groups if you’re not in our Discord yet.

Book a Mentorship Coaching Call

As a Celebrate Forex member, you can book up to 8 Coaching Calls per month (free of charge) on your convenience. These calls are held every Wednesday at 9 pm and Sunday at 9 pm (bookable up until 1 hour in advance).

Mentorship Coaching Calls
Sundays, 9.00 – 10.00 pm
Wednesdays, 9.00 – 10.00 pm

During these calls, you can ask us any question related to your forex journey.

Besides, engage in Go Live and take a look at the Traders United & IM Freedom Zoom schedule to benefit from even more education.

Therefore, have a look at our agenda.

Get Your Monthly Membership for Free.

Share the beautiful opportunity of forex with two people you care about and get rewarded with a free monthly membership.

2&FREE explained by Manny Quinones – 6.01

Would You Like to Transform Peoples Lives?

Would you like to share your success with others? Then watch this video below, to know how to best build your team of people you’re gonna take to the next level.

Chairman 500 David Imonitie sharing the IM Blueprint

The more people you help, the more you’ll get rewarded by the IM Mastery Academy. If you help three people, you’ll be a Platinum 150 who gets $37,50 per week or $150 per month residual income.

If those three people each help three other people, you’ll be a Platinum 600, earning $150 per week or $600 per month.

If you pay it forward further more, from 500 people you’ll be a Chairman 10, earning $2500 per week or $10,000 per month.

Our top leader is David Imonitie, who helped already more than 30,000 people through his teams. His hard work paid off, resulting in a residual income of $125,000 per week or half a million dollars per month!

David Imonitie
Chairman 500 Leader
IM Compensation Plan

Would you like to find out more about the compensation plan? Then visit https://www.imlcompensationplan.com/

Become a Leader

Become a leader on our team! Please notify the Leadership Team that you would like to become a leader and engage in our Discord Leadership Channel.

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