7. LIVE mentorship

Within IM Mastery Academy, we’re blessed to have LIVE access to an alliance of more than 150 world class traders, hosting more than 200 hours of goLIVE mentorship per week.

”You’ll find the true value of IM Mastery Academy in the goLIVE sessions and the community.”

All these educators are 6, 7 and 8 figure traders, with lots of experience in the market. Connect, collaborate, ask, learn and succeed.

The Place to Be

We consider goLIVE to be the most valuable part of the community, as you really learn how to trade by attending these live sessions.

Because rather than just picking the cherries from the cake, we like to know how to make the cake. Rather than just receive the fishes, we like to know how to build our own rod so we can go fishing by ourselves.

Learn from the best, from them live, on your own time. Live mentorship, designed around your busy life & schedule.

Attend their live sessions and trade live with them on the market. Earn by copying their trades on your smartphone while you learn from them how to look at the market.

What was the last time you attended a lecture, and was simultaneously earning money?

Favorite educators

Below you can find a schedule of the favorite educators of Celebrate Forex. Click on week for the best overview.

”Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.”

Jim Rohn

Bonus nightowl sessions
As the IM Mastery Academy Headquarters is located in New York and a lot of educators are located in the United States, times on the website are stated in New York Time or EST (Eastern Standard Time). Subsequently, some educators may be online while people in Europe are generally sleeping.

Some recommended educators who are online during the night:
Kimberley Torres (FRX Advanced) – Sunday & Thursday, 4 am*
Mike Miles (Tradehouse) – Tuesday until Friday, 6 am
Justin Saini (Steady) – Monday & Wednesday, 1 am

*As said by Kimberley herself, her most valuable sessions are her Sunday night sessions, where about 10 setups are covered. Fortunately, all the goLIVE sessions are recorded, so we can look back at the recording the next morning/day.

Follow your favorite educators

Bas Kooijman
Pivots, FRX Advanced

Easy to understand, very good guidance for beginning traders. Accuracy of about 90%.
Manny Quinones

One of the most popular all time educators. Teaches Harmonics and is the voice of the 100 and 200 series of the IM FRX Mastery Academy.
Luc Longmire
Goldcup (Goldrush)

Easy to understand, uses break of structure from a technical perspective. Trades gold, indices and GBP pairs with an accuracy of 80-90%.
Kimberley Torres
Goldcup (US30)

Easy to understand, uses break of structure from a fundamental perspective. Trades gold, indices and GBP pairs with an accuracy of 80-90%.
Leon Davies
FRX Advanced

Trend trader who catches 200-400 pips per trade on average. Quality of quantity trades.
Justin Saini

Mentored by CEO Christopher Terry, very clear explanation about market structure, time & price and institutional trading.
John Dollery

The Jaimie Oliver of trading. Currently breaking down a high value Steady course to become a self sufficient and independent trader.
Tim Tradez
One of the best institutional traders in the world with a deep understanding of fundamentals.
Mike Miles
FRX Advanced

Co-founder of Tradehouse, explains the basics of smart money concepts, including a deep understanding on world affairs.
Zachary Hogan
BounceBack (Sniper), FRX Advanced, Digital Currencies

Popular trading coach, very nice, calm and patient style of teaching smart money concepts.
Jordan Morgan
BounceBack (Sniper), FRX Advanced, Digital Currencies

Co-founder of Tradehouse, great look at the markets from a smart money concept.
Mike Navarrete
FRX Advanced

His nickname is ‘El Mago’ for a reason, giving great value and precise sniper entries during his live US30 sessions.
Rok Kumer
FRX Advanced

Nice daily morning analysis of the market with several trade ideas. Very consistent educator.
Mauricio Ceballos

The newest educator of Steady, teaching in a very efficient and humble way.
Christopher Derrick
Harmonics, Goldcup (Pricetrap)

A high valued educator, great to watch for beginners. Creator of the Pricetrap strategy.
Patrick Kenney

A great trader with a very clear voice and easy to understand explanation. Offers a great bird eye overview on the world economy.
Tyrone Foster

Known for his typical active style, accompanied by his favorite music, Tyrone always makes a funny yet honest show of his live sessions.
Lex Waves
FRX Advanced

Very decent trader using market structure, time & price combined with institutional trading.
Crypto Picasso

Digital currency veteran with 11+ year experience in the market. Great explanation and easy to follow.
Kathy Kirkland
Vibrata (ECC11)

Founder of the Vibrata ECC11 strategy, one of the most popular educators of IM.
Lee Allen

A very recognizable personality that gives you the confidence to trade just like her.

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